T-serious Vs pewdiepie : Who will win.


The war between t serious and pewdiepie goes on where the  individual creators and people like arm of 9 years old and even few hackers think they have to keep the king on the crown to make sure individual Superstar of the Youtube Pewdiepie stays there they are doing there part so does the fan or the 9 years old army  

9 Year Old the Kjellberg Fans are called as comes for the  YouTube analytics shows the data that most subscribed user age is 9 years where kjellberg calls his fan base as 9 year old army where the gamers doesn’t have any age gap but his play thoughts and other game plays make his content look different and cool.

Recent Event Got Lot of Fans attention is the Billboard where Mr.beast Has bought few billboards in his residence city,billboard from the stores,truck billboards and lot of 1 day offline advertising campaign has drew lot of attention to the channel and also got lot of subscribers and got media attention of few Youtubers and also got new subscribers to and pewdiepie is also so thankful.

A new recent event which also got some of the times and other Media attention also but in a bad way where they seeing it to get more readers and also most of the news going complete click bait tittles and images and also adding subscription to the content making to payed to get most revenue out of it Where new goes as Hacker  hacked printers all over the world where he found vulnerability that printers which are connected to the internet can be hacked and to demonstrate it he jest posted as subscribe to pewdiepie which is trending so he added as please subscribe to pewdiepie and our printer is being hacked please contact your manufactures to fix the bug  most people took it in positive way he can hack all the printers but he limited to some to explain the issue but press got its attention and made it look like title

Its jest not jest a battle which it does look like all the 9 years are  now hacking the internet for pewdiepie seems very funny and also 9 years makes me laugh because 9 years can accomplish this much then what could adults could do i think people have to learn it from 9 years old “lol”

Love to to Pewdiepie and there 9 year old hacker army which is currently trending and Internet is keeping eye on looking of any new thing so that they can go on and on with it 

 “Pewdiepie fans are hacking to get subscribers”

Here are some of the ClickBate Tittles 

“Billboards, charity, hacked printers in Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie’s numbers war with T-Series”

YouTube star PewDiePie’s fans ‘hacked’ 50,000 printers

“T-Series vs PewDiePie: T-series website is down, is it hacked?”

“ULTIMATE PewDiePie Fan Hacks 50,000 Printers”

“PewDiePie Fan Hacks 50,000 Printers To Tell To Subscribe Him”

Now Need to see how more news articles will come up and what would 9 year old army will do  

And did you subscribe i did my part in writing about it and now its your turn to do yours Subscribe to Pewdiepie.

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