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PewDiePie Gives Shout out to Nagis

Popular YouTube Streamer Promotes Channel That Publishes Anti-Semitic Content

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Pew News Did An biggest OOPSIE

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PewDiePie Gives Shoutout to hateful, anti-Semitic Youtube Channel


YouTube Star PewDiePie Promotes channel with anti-Semitic content

Popular YouTube Streamer Promotes Channel That Publishes Anti-Semitic Content




Pewdiepie is shepherding his legions of 14- year-old fans towards
Nazi content on youtube. Probably something that someone should check into!

Pewsdiepie says” Did some one had there birthday because 9 years old are called as pewdiepie fans so he is joking his 9 Year old army Grown up 

PewDiePie made Biggest Oppssy  Never Recovery

Pewdiepie  Jest gives up a shout out in the last video that is “E;R” where he recommended for anime review where he shouted out to 28 channels. Because he’s getting more attention to subscribe pewdiepie thing so people thought  to shout out to new and upcoming small creators that he enjoys watching  and one channel has unhiddenNazi jokes, because year ago pewdiepie said he is going to stay away from them because more “media or people” but news comes out as he is supporting it  but he just gave a shoutout the video who he jest watches to which has other channels, which have some Nazi Jokes but he is not aware of because Daa its a second channel but Pewdiepie watches his First how does he could possibly know of. 

Verge says”Since Kjellberg’s (AKA : PewDiePie) shoutout,”E;R” has amassed an approximate additional 150,000 subscribers. That’s 150,000 more viewers, some of whom may be extremely young, tuning into anti-semitic and hateful content. Pointing people to certain channels, especially ones built on hateful content, further radicalized young viewers on Youtube” But it’s 12,000  where verge can jest use social blade.

But People says that should hire some team or pay someone to background check since he has more subscribers when you have more subs he has more responsibility. Due to negative attention in the name but it’s been loud outside due to this Pewdiepie has to edit it out from his video but, Pewdiepie will do more shoutouts and he will be more careful in the future (maybe he is like the verge for help ) Its a Joke.

That is great,
He is getting more love and more support but Press is really going bad and he doesn’t regret it he is addressing it because it getting out of context 

Its Looks Now Pewdiepie has to filter everything he says or recommends jest to make sure there is no outrage.  

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