I am SO Scared :Pewdiepie

Top Most subscribed channel in Youtube

Pewdiepie in 2013 Youtube

Pewdiepie is knows as one of the top gamer in YouTube and people could able to see most of the videos on the trending list and people could able to see more of his video and channel on YouTube highly its one of the top growing Channel On YouTube. 

Pewdiepie Most Subscribed Channel in Youtube History. 

He also joined with Epic Rap Battles of History in a role as Misha,he also joined in a video for Internet Icon Himself Show and people loved as always and some of them dont know him in the show but all the kids of the age of people who played video games are so excited to see him there and  later on checked and feel so amazed while he is the show it is also one of the milestone in Pewdiepie Life.

Pewdiepie 2013

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